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The Power of Your Immune System: PersonaVaxTM

The Problem: Metastatic Cancer

No therapy can extend median survival more than a few months in those with metastatic prostate cancer Unfortunately, the same situation also applies for most other cancers.

The Solution: Multiplex Combination ImmunotherapyTM and PersonaVaxTM

Multiplex is the use of different methods like Ablation Therapy, Immunotherapy Drugs, and Low-Dose Chemotherapy Drug for modulating the immune system at the same time.

PersonaVaxTM is the the combination of drugs we’ve developed for Multiplex Combination ImmunotherapyTM, which uses the patient’s own immune system to destroy cancer and Ablation to directly kill cancer cells and release all cancer-associated proteins.


Cancer Proteins

Ablation kills cancer cells, releasing cancer-specific proteins



Immunotherapy unmasks (de-cloaks) individual cancer cells


Immune System

Immunotherapy and low-dose chemotherapy block the “off”


Killer T-cells

Immunotherapy stimulates the immune system to kill cancer cells

PersonaVaxTMStandard Immunotherapy
# Immune System Targets31 or 2
# Cancer-Associated AntigensInnumerable, personalized1 – 5, often pre-selected
Drug DosingLow-dose for all drugsMaximum tolerated dose
Drug InjectionsIntratumoral or Intradermal depotSystemic (intravenous)
Serious Adverse Event Rate18%124%2 (Provenge)
Abscopal Event Rate75%1< 1%2 (Provenge)
Radiographic Response Rate75%10%2 (Provenge)
1 Unpublished data, Rampart Health Inc.
2 https://www.rxlist.com/provenge-drug.htm#description

Intellectual Property

Successfully bringing combination immunotherapy to market presents a unique set of challenges that requires both legal and scientific expertise to manage.

Rampart Health pursues IP strategies that build on its combined scientific and legal expertise to develop and expand proprietary technologies designed to mitigate risk and enable treatment innovation.

We invest in discovering and advancing technologies to speed development of combination immunotherapy to all cancer patients in need.